April 15, 2011

March 4, 2011 - Jacmel, Ayiti - Onions

I've been lying to you about Haiti (Ayiti). Not lying exactly, but not telling most of the juicy bits. The truth is, it's complicated, with more layers than a truckful of onions. But I paint roses because it is very important that you love Ayiti. The truth is, your health and happiness depend on it--but that is about as easy for most people to believe in as faeries are.

The truth people more willingly believe is that Ayiti needs you to engage, deeply, with love (not just your checkbook). But it's mutual--we need each other because our way of life is off-kilter in a way Haitian culture can help us put right.

How do I share with you, those I love, the many layers of the truckload of onions--bit by bit, as they are revealed to me--in a way that brings out the flavor of the place you need to understand, without making you flee from the truck in tears?

I'm searching a new balance in this, so be warned, and keep in touch about how I'm doing.

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